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»»» 행복 한 23 생일 미스 A' Jia
Friday, February 3, 2012, 2:26 PM 0 comment/s

It's  Miss A Jia's birthday today. 

Meng Jia (ChinesepinyinMèng Jia), commonly known as Jia, she is a Chinese singeractress,  && a model.  She is a member of the South Korean girl group miss A, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2010. 

Meng Jia or also you can call Miss A Jia is main vocalist, rapper and lead dancer in Miss A, South Korean pop girl group. She is expert and professional dancer. She changed her dance become hip hop dance and the dance appeared at each song. She is the funky member in the group. Jiajoined with other members, Wang Fei FeiLee Min Young, and Bae Su-ji (Suzy). It is really easy to recognize her. Her hair colors was so shining. Pink, magenta, blonde, brown, black and other.  She was auditioned at her dance school She is one of two members from China withWang Fei Fei. Although her appearance is like bad girl, but she is funny enough and good girl.


Jia's school held auditions with JYP Entertainment and she was selected to be on a girl group in 2007. Jia, along with fellow Miss A member Fei, appeared in 2PM's "My Color" music video. While still in training, the group flew to China where they appeared in numerous variety shows performing dance routines and songs to a Chinese audience. As the group had no official name they were widely known to fans unofficially as JYP Sisters or simply as "Sisters (시스터즈)" and was dubbed by JYP as the "Chinese Wonder Girls". The girls began their first official promotional activities in China as a group by signing up with Samsung China and released a commercial song called "Love Again" for the Samsung Beat Festival.
Jia appeared in M&D's music video for "Close Your Mouth".

Meng Jia Facts
  • Among her friends Meng Jia is praised for her hardworking attitude and always take care of the other miss A's members. 
  • In the dorm, Fei handles the cooking and Meng Jia takes care of miss A's dorm interior design.
  • Meng Jia's favorite song from A Class album is Mr Johnny.
  • Rihanna is Meng Jia's role model.
  • Meng Jia chose Seulong as her favorite member in 2AM.
  • Meng Jia chose Junho as her favorite member in 2PM.
  • Meng Jia is the most perfectionist member in miss A.
  • Meng Jia can only pass 75cm in a limbo but when she tried for the 1st time 70cm and 65cm, she still passes 65cm.
  • Meng Jia's favorite girl groups are Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, and 4Minute.
  • Meng Jia thinks that 2AM's live performances are always amazing.
  • MBLAQ's Mir said that Meng Jia is fierce, smart, and sexy. He said he wanna get closer to Jia.
  • Meng Jia doesn't like if someone call her 'Jia oppa'.
Meng Jia's legs are really long an thin. Even if her legs compared to a model, she won't lose -- Min

  • Meng Jia said her family just thinks of her as a daughter, they don't see her as a celebrity.
  • Since Meng Jia's mother said that she wanted a car, Jia always save her money in order to buy a car for her.
  • Meng Jia's ideal type is a man who is handsome, tall, and love her family.
  • Meng Jia said her family and dancing are the most important things in her life.
  • Meng Jia made her twitter account on 7th June 2010.
  • Meng Jia is considered one of the 4 best recognized female celebs of Chinese origin active in the South Korea.
  • Jia's name in Chinese is 孟佳 (Meng Jia) and 멍지아 (Mong Ji Ah) in Korean.
  • Jia has a nick name Pole, because she is thin and has slender thighs.
  • Meng Jia joined with JYP Entertainment on April 1, 2007
  • Meng Jia was selected by an audition held in her dance school.
  • Meng Jia is really expert dancer, she change her style become hip hop dance style.
  • Meng Jia must learned Korean for 3 years since her training days until she speaks quite fluently and even to rap.
  • Meng Jia is workaholic and always showing her funny side.
  • Meng Jia loves dogs and is often seen playing with their choreographer's cute little dog Mikan.
  • Meng Jia is known for her shining pink hair during miss A's "Bad Girl Good Girl" promotion and her overall punk style.
  • Meng Jia is known for her awesome flexibility, her sexy long legs and her fierce stage presence.
  • Meng Jia appeared as Nichkhun's back-up dancers in 2PM's "My Color" MV.
  • Meng Jia is called that carrying a 'bad girl' image with her look she is in fact a 'good girl' inside, kind and sensible.
  • Jia is Miss A's Princess, because she likes Hello Kitty && her bedroom is always clean.
  • Jia said that if if Min is a boy, she would make a date with her.
Meng Jia Complete Profile

 Birth Name : Meng Jia
Stage Name : Jia
English Name : Jia
Nickname : Pole (Because she is thin, and slender thighs)
Position in Miss A : Main vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer
Specialty: Vocal/Rap/Dance
DOB : February 3, 1989
Birthplace : Hunan, China
Height : 166 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Blood Type : O
Education : Seoul University of Arts
Hobbies : Dancing, Laughing, Playing with her dog
Dancing Styles : Power Jazz, Girl Hip Hop