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»»» Bang Yong Guk & ZELO 'Never Give Up' M/V
Friday, February 3, 2012, 6:09 PM 0 comment/s

Bang && Zelo

Bang & Zelo recently made their debut performance of “Never Give Up” on SBS Inkigayo December 4th. In response to their fans’ explosive response, additional photos of them have been revealed online.
In the new concept photo, Zelo’s blonde, curly hairstyle shows off the fifteen year old’s youthful aura, driving nuna fans crazy with his aegyo as he lays on with his head on Bang Yong Guk, biting his thumb. Meanwhile, Bang Yong Guk poses with his hand resting on Zelo’s head like an older brother would to a younger sibling. Fans were happy to see that the duo displayed a strong leader-maknae relationship.
Fans who saw the photo gave Zelo the new nickname MashiZelo, expressing their love for his adorable appeal and praising his skin that’s as milky smooth as a sweet marshmellow, hence the name,MashiZelo.
Although Zelo is only 15 years of age, he boasts a tall height of 182cm (5’11.5″), and rocked his first debut performance like a pro, surprising the staff members and audience members alike. Zelo has not only received an explosive response from those in the broadcasting industry, but is also receiving high interest from international fans who have high expectations for his next steps as an artist.
The boys have officially launched their promotions for “Never Give Up”, and the two will be debuting within a male idol group early next year.