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Happy Birthday Oppa :">

Name : Lee Joon (이준)
Real Name: Lee Changsun (???)
Position : Vocal, Dance
Birth: 07.02.1988, Seoul
Height : 180cm
Weight : 63kg
Education: Kyung Hee Cyber University – Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Attending
Specialties: Modern dancing, ballet, acting
Interests: Exercising
Career: Ninja Assassin
Advertisement: Nivea, 6to5 S/S Pictorial

Lee Chang Sun (Hangul: 이창선; born February 7, 1988), better known by his stage name Lee Joon (Hangul: 이준)[1] is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actor, model and member of the Korean male group MBLAQ, currently active in South Korea. He is currently signed to J.Tune Entertainment. He's known for having played a minor role in Hollywood movie 'Ninja Assassin'. In 2010 Joon was casted in drama 'Jungle Fish 2'.

  • Joon is good friends with Super Junior'sKyuhyun. Joon also good friends with SHINee'sOnew. Instead Joon said in an interview that his relationship with Onew more than friends as having a special relationship. Joon acted in the movie Ninja Assassin as ayounger version of Rain's character Raizo.
  • Joon most can not reply were 2 X 7. He always answered 27. LOL.
  • When MBLAQ would test university entrance, Joon know he's the weakest in the learning, when every break show happens, Joon always made time for learning but MBLAQ members were so suspicious why Joon took really long learning, when it was checked he was sleeping.
  • Each break Joon always made time for the gym let his cool body does not change.
  • Joon won against another member to get Sulli, but Sulli disappointed because instead of Mir wins, Finally Joon shouted frustrated "useless I win if he does not want me!"
  •  In sesame player Seungho held competitions for the fastest to drink water with a spoon and joon justspill the water into his body.
  • Lee Joon has a height 180cm and weight 65kg.
  • Lee Joon's blood type is A.
  • Oppa has a six-pack body so oppa did not hesitate to show her stomach muscles during a concert, especially in the song "Again & Y".
  • Cheondong said that the upper body of oppa is very sexy.
  • Joonie-oppa also have talent in sports  
    (Oppa can do sit-ups as much as 75kali during 1menit and running shoes with wheels so that oppa aka winner gets a gold medal at the Oh! My Idol Star National School Sport Festival).
  • Joonie-oppa have very beautiful eyes.
  • Oppa had a dance called "killer turn dance".
  • Lee Joon-oppa has a melodious voice.
  • Oppa live in Jongno 3-ga.
  • Oppa has had his own apartment in Jamsil.
  • Member MBLAQ the fastest shower it was Lee Joon 3 minute only with time, whereas the longest bath GO asking how to do it and oppa oppa said that "a shower men".
  • Oppa's room is very dirty.
  • Oppa will ask, "what I have activities?" when awakened. But tell me oppa oppa dab denied sleep like a prince.
  • Oppa had a notebook containing anyone who has ever owed money by him, for example Mir who had a debt 59.000won circuitry and Kim Sang Tae oppa 18.500won.
  • Lee Joon-oppa said that before he went to Germany for the filming Ninja Assassin, her skin very white against his skin now.
  • Joonie-oppa is very close to Kwanghee from Ze: A
    (When the MNet Sesame Player Episode 5 dated March 22, 2011, Joon said that Kwanghee know all his schedule than oppa own and make He was very surprised)
    (Oppa share Kwanghee's gallery photo together after the show Mnet Countdown)
  • Mir's noona, Go Eun Ah was like Joonie  oppa.
  • His favorite actor is Alfredo Pacino.
  • Oppa favorite singer is Beyonce.
  • .Joonie-oppa one room with Mir.
  • He is very playful 12 789.
  • Oppa choose the GO as the rest of the team while traveling in Japan.
  • Oppa most afraid of if given the punishment ddakbam, especially if that love punishment GO oppa (Joonie-oppa got the most horrible ddakbam on Sesame Player Episode 6 & 7 where oppa lost the human cow fight game and appartment game).
  • Oppa sometimes behave like a silly little boy
    (Joonie-oppa riding a bicycle near the Han River and members feed the eagle with Doongie like children) (Oppa said the theme of the first album MBLAQ is Dracula, but obviously a vampire)
  • Oppa subjects most liked was the music while the most hated Oppa is math.
  • Oppa is like the clown.
  • (While at the Tokyo Tower, embraced oppa clown that was there happily and when in Bucheon Sports Complex oppa also play with the clown with Doongie) 
  • Joonie-oppa is the fans Lee ByungHun.
  • Oppa fairly close to Yoseob because the show Oh! My School and never made a surprise on the day of her birthday Simon D.
  • Apparently Doojon BEAST is not too happy with oppa.
  • Lee Joon, GO, and Gikwang often called Jung Jury.
  • Oppa always get punished at the Oh! My School.
  • (Lee Joon sshi lovely .... Lee Joon sshi wonderfull ....)
  • Oppa never denied shaking hands at one of the A + because Doongie.
  • His mother said that oppa oppa rarely bathe and brush your teeth, so always check if oppa already brushing your teeth or not.
  • His mother  also said that IQ oppa declines after growing up.
  • Oppa've been together as much as 2 time, and the last time because his girlfriend broke up close to Dr.GO.
  • Lee Joon-oppa play with Jiyeon T-Ara in the Jungle Fish 2 and fill out the sound as Gnomeo.