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Thursday, February 16, 2012, 9:45 PM 0 comment/s

Friend: Why do you like KPOP so much anyway? I mean, you can't even understand most of the lyrics and their autotuned songs- 
Me: Don't start that again.
Friend: But- 
Me: Have you ever experienced waking up every morning just to deliver milk in order to not burden your parents with the training expenses?
Friend: Well, no, but- 
Me: Did you drop out of high school to pursue your dream even if you're uncertain that you'll make it big?
Me: Have you tried dancing and singing onstage with your heels on? 
Me: Did you experience hearing so much criticism you end up breaking down but you have to put on a smile for the sake of others?
Me: Have you tried getting no more than two hours of sleep before tackling a new day all over again? 
Me: Did you experience having a hater that can go as far as putting glue in your drink, causing you to be hospitalized? And at the end, you'll forgive her because she's the same age as your sibling?
Me: Have you tried auditioning countless of times before finally getting accepted?
Me: Can you stay single for the sake of your supporters? 
Me: Can you sing and dance--live--at the same time?
Me: Can you live up to the image a company has given you? 
Me: Can you bear living away from your family and friends, not being able to communicate with them for a long time because of your work?
Friend: Well, when we grow up that's what we'll do anyway so- 
Me: At the age of fifteen, sixteen, seventeen or maybe even eighteen?
Me: There's more to KPOP than it seems. If you see them without the spotlight shining down on them, then you'll understand.