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»»» 행복 한 생일 Hangeng
Thursday, February 9, 2012, 7:48 PM 0 comment/s

Happy Birthday Oppa :">

Hangeng's Profile

Birth name: Han Geng 韩庚
Birthday: 2/9/84
Place of birth: Heilungjiang, People’s Republic of China
Sibilings: none
Position: Sub-vocal
School: Central University for Nationalities Beijing
Height: 181cm(6ft)
Religion: Atheist
Blood type: B
Nationality: Chinese (ethnicity- Hezhe)
Nicknames: Eagle, The Miracle of 1.3 Million, Angel of Heilung Jiang, 3-Year-Old
Ideal Girl: Cute girl who respects his parents and loves him for who he is; Song Hyekyo; someone who’s tall, fair-skinned with dark straight hair.

Han Geng or Hankyung (born February 9, 1984), is a Chinese pop singer and actor active in South Korea.Was a member of the Korean boy band Super Junior, he is also the only non-Korean member in the band and the leader of its subgroup, Super Junior-M. Being one of the four lead dancers of Super Junior, he is also one of the two members in the group who frequently performs Chinese martial arts in Super Junior's dance routines the other being Sungmin. Han is well-known for his dancing, being particularly skillful in Chinese traditional dances from the 56 Chinese ethnic groups. 

  • Hangeng is using a black iphone.
  • Hangeng stays in a rented apartment in Beijing.
  • He can understand korean language, but too hard to talk with korean language.
  • He sleeps in one bed with Heechul.
  • He’s always cook egg fried rice for members, but someday he wrong-spelled it : Beijing Fried Rice.
  • When Chul was back from the hospital after the accident, Hangeng help him, carrying his luggage and many more.
  • Hangeng doesn’t like candies, junk food and snacks.
  • Hangeng has a dimsum restaurant in Beijing, China.
  • Hangeng always shared room with Heechul from pre-debut until December 2009.
  • He also has a milkshake cafe in Americ, name Hangeng Milkshake.
  • He can’t reject his dongsaeng’s requests.
  • His dream is SJ comes to his solo concert if they have time.
  • He doesn’t like spicy food.
  • Hankyung worked with many famous music producers , Yuan Wei Ren and Fang Wen Shan worked together for to produce a song.
  • Hankyung is an ambassador for the Great Wall of China and a volunteer ambassador for the Shanghai World Expo.
  • Hankyung’s album[Geng Xin] consists of different genres like dance theme, R&B , jazz , and folk songs.

I Hope ELF will be proud when I take Super Junior's name along with me to do acting or anything else.