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»»» Jjong’s UFO translations
Thursday, February 23, 2012, 8:49 PM 0 comment/s

2012.02.23 02:30

Fan: I’m going to ignore you.. Shoo.. -3-

Jonghyun: Whom said I’m going to pay attention to you, keke

2012.02.23 02:47

Fan: Oppa, I’m hungry, think I will be full if I eat your love.. hehe

Jonghyun: Hehe Love can be food!!!

2012.02.23 02:50

Fan Oppa’s love can make one full even without eating it. keke.. Give me love  love love

Jonghyun Give you

2012.02.23 02:59

Fan When will SHINee come back? The answer is !!!??

Jonghyun Will announce after 60 years

Credits Chinese translation: yinyuetaishinee
Translation: eimanjjong

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