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Thursday, February 23, 2012, 8:44 PM 0 comment/s

Fan : Oppa ! why didn’t you appear in Salamander Guru

Jong : that’s Min Hyuk (minho’s show) ah

Fan : Oppa! why didn’t you appear in Salamander Guru

Jong : because i look like Salamander

Fan: can’t forget your love..!

Jong: hahahaha thanks

Fan : while thinking of you i drew you down will you approve this on twitter? next time is Minho oppa ,Tension burning^^ (picture as of above)

Jong : Hahaha no

Fan:  little  little  Jonghyun Oppa scared scared… quick run haha

Jong: Something serious will happen

Fan :   little  little  Jonghyun Oppa i love you

Jong: hehe

Fan : discuss about Jonghyun (height) it’s consider quite tall right?!

Jong: ha

Fan : Oppa i’m badly bothered haha and the comeback date isnt confirm this make me more !

Jong: that

Fan : agent Kim here a cup of coffee

Jong: nurse Kim!! come and trap her till her mind recover to normal state

Fan : do you know which day is the best to SHINee’s notice(teaser?comeback?)?? there’s every fan’s true heart ah huhu

Jong: Haha it’s so funny

Fan : broken heart..when will i receive?

Jong: erm erm now ha

Credit/chinese translation : For_SHINee_World 
English translation : Forever_SHINee

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