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»»» Kim Rando Gives a Hint (?) for SHINee Comeback
Friday, February 17, 2012, 10:54 PM 0 comment/s

[kimrando] “젊음은ㅇㅇ” 마감합니다. 다양한의견 보내주셔서 무척감사드려요. 저는 훨씬더작업해야할것 같습니다. 생각보다 100배는어렵네요ㅠㅠ 변수가많아 3월정도녹음마치면 가사공개하고 상품(?)받을분 공지할께요. 다시한번감사!!!

[kimrando] I’m closing “Youth is o o”. Thanks for sending diverse ideas. I think I should work on it a lot more. It’s 100 times harder than I thought ㅠㅠ There are too many variables, so I’ll post the lyrics and make a notice for the prize(?)-winner after the recording is done about in March. Thanks once again!!! (*emphasis is mine)

Source: kimrando @ twitter