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»»» MBLAQ’s son Leo misses his MBLAQ appas, wants to see Thunder
Thursday, February 9, 2012, 6:45 PM 0 comment/s

MBLAQ is currently the proud fathers of three adorable children - Lauren, Leo, and Dayoung - on Hello Baby and it seems that Leo wants to see his ‘appas’ every day!
Two shorts and cute clips of the adorable, yet sometimes mischievous little boy surfaced on his Facebook fanpage. The first clip showed Leo listening to MBLAQ’s current hit song, It’s War, and after listening to it a little, he asked his mother, “We are going to see MBLAQ daddies now?” However, his mother replied, “Tomorrow”, leaving Leo heartbroken saying “Now. I want to go see them now.” After relenting a little, he turned his head to the camera and said, “Daddies I wanna see you.” His mom told him to say, “Say Lee Joon daddy I wanna see you,” but instead, showing his love and loyalty, he responded, “Chundoong daddy, I want to see you!” (Chundoong means Thunder.)
In another video, his mom told him to say, “Mir daddy I want to see you”, but Leo adamantly refused and said, “No, I want to see Chundoong daddy!”