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Sunday, February 5, 2012, 4:31 PM 0 comment/s

Alexander (알렉산더)
Full Name: Alexander Lee Eusebio
Blood Type: O
Birth Date: 1987.07.29
Was born Hong Kong and was raised in Macau.  Alexander is capable of speaking 7 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Korean and English. Although he is the oldest in the group, Alexander is considered a child at heart with his personality.


You see that cute.hansome.cool. guy above ? He is Xander of U-kiss or should I say a former U-kiss member T.T I really like him since the day I saw him on T.V. U-kiss is not the one who introduced me to him but Pops In Seoul did. tbh I like Xander at first than U-kiss (Ithink I don't know U-kiss at that time) It also attracts me that he can speak English fluently together with the cutie Kevin ;D I also like his personality. When he left U-kiss for Kiseop I felt sad for that :( I really miss him but his bio on twitter made me smile

 Alexander Lee Eusebio a.k.a. XANDER - Original U-KISS member♥ Like it or not... \m/(=v=) [Don't ask me if I'm the REAL one or not~ cuz I AM!!!]

He will always be a part of U-kiss :)

Let's continue to support Xander on his song I Just. Haven't heard/seen it yet ? Go check it out :)