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Shim Changmin (born February 18, 1988)[1] also known as Max (internationally), Choikang Changmin (최강창민, 最强昌珉) in South Korea, Changmin (チャンミン) in Japan, and Shen Changmin (Chinese: 沈昌珉; pinyin: Shén Chăngmín) in China and Taiwan, is a Korean singer, songwriter and occasional actor best known as one-fifth of South Korean musical duo TVXQ. He is managed under music labels SM Entertainment in South Korea and Avex Trax in Japan.

Max was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He is the first-born son of parents, who are teachers. He has two younger sisters, Shim Soo-yeon and Shim Ji-yeon. He joined SM Entertainment by winning the best singer and best artist award in SM Entertainment's 6th Annual Youth Competition, a talent search conducted annually by the talent agency. He debuted with TVXQ in 2003 performing the group's debut song "Hug" on SBS network's BoA and Britney Spears showcase special.

Name: 최강창민 / Choi Kang Chang Min
Japanese Name: チャンミン / Changmin
Also known as: Max
Realname: 심창민 / Shim Chang Min
Profession: Singer, actor and model
Birthdate: 1988-Feb-18
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 184cm
Weight: 61kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B
Talent agency: SM Entertainment


Who's the pickiest with girls? 

Micky: Whenever a really pretty girl goes by and all the members are like "Wow.." Max is the only one that doesnt say anything.
Max: It's not that, it's just that i dont FEEL anything.
Xiah: That's not true...
Hero: It's because he hasn't gone through puberty yet.
Max: Next question please...

Who sleeps the most in DBSG?

U-Know: It used to be Micky, but now, I think it's Max.
Micky: Handsome guys are sleepyheads.
Max: Uh.. haha.

What do you not like about your body/face/ etc?

Max: Well, I dont like the fact that I have more than enough hair on my head.
Micky: Yeah, its true. He has so much, he doesnt even need a pillow.

How would you propose to the girl that you like?

Max: Well, I never even had a girlfriend before so its something that I cant even dream about doing. But if there is something that I would want to do with her is to wake up at around 4-5 AM and go jogging with her. That's it!

What would you want your girlfriend to call you?

Max: I have no jealousy towards those things. Just "Hey" or something like that. Something that's comfortable and friendly.
Hero: No, he's lying. He wants to be called something like "cutie~"

What would you do if the person you loved didnt love you but loved another member from DBSG?

Max: I would just never see her again.
Micky: See, Max puts us first before girls and almost everything else.
Max: Yeah.. that's true...
Hero: Are you saying that we're 2nd place?
Max: Of course not, you guys are always 1st

What type of girls do you like Changmin? You seem like the type that would like pale, pretty girls. Innocent girls...

Max: Well, not really. I actually like cute girls.
Hero: That's the same thing!
Max: Oh yeah.. and a couple of days ago, I saw a movie and there, the actress was speaking English and I was like "Wow..." so I would like it if the girl spoke English well.
Hero: Max, it's because youre still young. You think everything is so "wow" when its spoken in English... 

  • He doesn’t like people to sit next to him when he is reading.
  • Because he likes exercise very much, he is fast in jogging and you can’t catch him. If you jog with him you’ll get very tired.
  • Don’t let him drink milk. If he gets taller again then it’ll be very scary.
  • He has strong concentrations/ focuses, so don’t touch him when he is focusing on something, even if you disturb him he won’t have any reaction.
  • He likes to eat very much so don’t disturb him while he’s eating.
  • He won’t let people know if he is sick so we need to pay more attention to him and look at his attitude and condition to check his health.
  • He doesn’t like fans to wait for him outside their hostel and don’t like fans to pull his hair and clothes. He’ll get mad if fans ignore this rule.
  • Average people eat 3 or 4 meals a day but he’ll eat whenever he saw foods in front of him so don’t put food around him.
  • He gets flu easily so bring medicine along with you when you meet him.
  • He has thick hair so don’t give him small comb for present.

When recording TVXQ’s debut single ‘Hug’, Choikang Changmin had
something else to worry about other than work. His grandmother, who
doted on him the most, was ill at that period of time. Apart from
giving his best in his career, he kept worrying about his grandmother’s
condition. Changmin had even hurt his vocals during that period of
time, due to him practicing their songs hard. But he persevered and
finished the recording.

An Aquarius born in 1988, his blood type is B. Is greedy when it comes
to music, so sometimes cries when he isn't satisfied with his singing.
Because his parents are teachers, he is also very competitive and tries
very hard at schoolwork and reading. Though the youngest in the group,
he is the most modest and has the deepest thoughts. Can be honest and
blunt when he strongly believes that something should not be done.
Though shy at first, he is a very bright boy when you get to know him
well. Followed his friend to an SM contest and luckily won the Best
Singer award.

The youngest of our group Choikang Changmin is a crybaby. When his
singing goes wrong he cries. But he has a brave side to him too.
Starting from elementary school in 6th grade, he delivered newspapers
as a part-time job. Changmin is the youngest in the family and group
but no one can complain against his singing. His high note is so
outstanding that he doesn't know what octave it goes up to. He says
that hes worries that if he knows it might interrupt his singing.
Changmin is a quiet person and doesn't talk very much. In an interview,
he only says 2 or 3 things in the end. Changmin is a clear person who
reads the Harry Potter Series and tells everyone about it. 
He participated in a singing contest and won an award. That led him to be a
singer but before that he was regular student.

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