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»»» 2AM releases 2nd MV trailer, "Prequel" ft. Jinwoon
Sunday, March 11, 2012, 1:04 PM 0 comment/s

2AM has released their 2nd music video trailer ahead of their official comeback titled "Prequel" and it is about two and a half minutes long. A few days ago, the group released their 1st trailer titled, "Her Story."

"Prequel" was released on March 9th at 9AM KST, and features 2AM's Jinwoon as its male protagonist. The trailer is narrated by Jinwoon, who speaks of his old love and how he is still longing for her even after a year has passed by.

Big Hit Entertainment has included English subtitles on the trailer for international, English speaking fans.

2AM will make their comeback on March 12th.

[ 2AM ] Trailer 2 : Prequel 

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