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Born March 2, 1990, Lee Hong Ki/Lee Hong Gi (이홍기; pronounced [ liː hoŋɡiː ];) (born March 2, 1990), is a South Korean idol singer, actor and MC. He is the lead singer of popular Korean band F.T. Island, a South Korean rock band, is well known for his powerful and versatile voice. He is the elder sibling in his family, and has a younger sister who currently still lives with her parents. He has been attending Kyung Hee University since March 9, 2009, majoring in Drama and Theater.


Chinese name: 李弘基
Korean name: 이홍기
Birthday: 2nd March 1990 Lunar: 6th February
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Singing, Listening to Music, Football, PC games, Cooking
Family Members: Parents, Younger Sister
Specialty: Singing, Football
Nickname: Lovable Revolting Kid
Central Point of Charm: Eyes when smiling
Favorites: Everything except green Pepper, Thrilling things
Educational Background: Studying in SungJi High School Year 2
Favorite Singer: Nickelback
Lover Types: A girl who acts like a child
Talent agency: F&C Music

  • Got an acting role when he met a man at a fashion show (his uncle was a fashion model)
  • When he was young, he dreamt of becoming a police officer and actor.
  • Previously had a gf who was 2 years older than him.
  • He used to fart during practice.
  • He wore braces before.
  • He wore tights during his school graduation.
  • He is short sighted.
  • He loves to camwhores.
  • He used to skip meals for praticising.
  • He can beatbox.
  • He always make pple around feel relaxed.. He always made everyone smile and laugh!!
  • He HATES capsicum.
  • He received a customized ipod. dog & blanket  from a fan before.
  • Fave jap word is pekopeko (im starving)
  • Bad habit is picking nose.
  • He is good  in soccer.
  • He can cook.
  • If he had a month of vacation, he will spend time at home and with his friends and eat with his family.
  • His most embarassing moment is when he makes mistake during recording session.
  • He wants a radio DJ job.
  • He really like dog(his dog name is elisya)
  • He had crying once when he dumped by a girl.
  • FTIsland members always call him "hongki act smart again".
  • He talk too much.the others member had said in idol army show "its better hongki not be here because he talk to much".
  • Hongki really like shopping,he always buy a new shirt and shoes
  • Ft.island member had said that hongki has too many shoes, until he don't know where he can kept his shoes.
  • Hongki best friends is also from Supreme Team(simon D)
  • He Often forget ourselves if already eat a lot.
  • The first time you change your hair color, she almost cried because of fear of angry fans.
  • Never got over his ex-girlfriend gossip persecution.
  • Snsd tiffany ever invited to play in the video-clip snsd, but as a woman.
  • He is a member ft island most often sick.
  • He said he was angry when his girlfriend is also going to go mad.
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • Have a habit of biting the skin around her finger.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • Play smart football.
  • Want to get married when aged 34 years.
  • His favorite fruit is watermelon and the sweet melon. 

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