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»»» Japanese netizens continue their hate brigade towards Kim Taehee
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 3:05 PM 0 comment/s

Japan's "Anti Kim Taehee" movement continues to be on the rise and the level of strike against her is shocking some. The SBS show "We Want To Know" investigated the "Anti Korean movement" and also focused on the hate on actress Kim Taehee.

Recently, Kim Taehee's autograph session and commercial event for a pharmaceutical company were cancelled due to heavy criticisms and threats online. Activists in Japan reportedly went on strike and rallied against the company that hired Kim Taehee as the model.

On the said broadcast of SBS "We Want To Know," Japanese activists were heard chanting "Anti-Japanese actress Kim Taehee shouldn't come to Japan!" along with "Cancel her model contract" and "Anti-Japan shouldn't be active in Japan," while some were heard shouting "We will kill her if she comes!" 

Previously, Kim Taehee appeared in the Japanese drama "Me and My Star's 99 Days," but received online hate and criticisms after Japanese netizens found out that she is an advocate on the fight for Dokdo Island as Korean territory. In October 2011, Japanese netizens organized an anti-Korean protest in the country and voiced out their hate for the actress.

Meanwhile, Kim Taehee's agency also sent a statement about the issue and revealed that, "The rightists movement has become more aggressive with the aim of wanting to turn around the nation's instability after the nuclear accident." 

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