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»»» KARA's Hara apologizes to B.A.P and their fans for live broadcast mistake
Monday, March 12, 2012, 7:19 PM 0 comment/s

KARA's Hara, one of the MCs for weekly music show SBS Inkigayo, personally apologized to B.A.P and their fans on Twitter today. On today's episode of Inkigayo, Hara unknowingly introduced B.A.P as a five member group instead of six.

After the live broadcast, Hara realized her mistake and went on to Twitter to apologize to the members and fans. She was further quoted saying, "B.A.P fans, B.A.P babys, sorry i made a mistake, rather than 6 members i said 5 members ㅠㅠ...I'll be more careful!!"

B.A.P made their debut in the music scene this year promoting the title track "Warrior" and later on promoted their follow up track "Secret Love". Coincidentally, today's broadcast was also B.A.P's goodbye stage as they performed the track with rookie singer Ailee.

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