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»»» Want to know the truth about "Sherlock"?
Monday, March 12, 2012, 7:32 PM 1 comment/s

This was translated by Christina Kim and uploaded on the Shinee World Australia fan page.

She translated this from a Shinee fan page called shakizi kkadonam.

I’m not sure about this site so I think this is just a fans opinion but seems legit right?

Translations of SHINee teasers-

Onew: the murderer. Blue paint which is everywhere in Onew’s teaser photos: blue paint were used to hide crime scenes in Sherlock Holmes. Wearing clothes-to hide his hands which has blue paint on it.The only one smiling.

Key- the person who got murdered.Blue paint on his arm: evidence that Onew killed him.How he lies down and looks blankly at the space: similar to how a corpse looks.

Taemin: the person who saw the crime scene .
Green grapes: grapes are used for psychological purposes. Green is key’s hair colour.

Minho: the person behind this murder. No real evident evidence. Just that he looks really relaxed and comfortable.’

OK THIS IS FREAKY. So Jonghyun is Sherlock Holmes..?:0

CR: -from shakizi kkadonam
-translated by Christina Kim

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