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Monday, August 31, 2015, 7:59 PM 0 comment/s

“You’re going to do 
something terrible, 
you’re going to kiss 
someone else 
with that mouth. 
And I will not forgive you, 
because I will not know 
how to forget 
that my skin is mine 
but mostly it’s yours. 
We were charting 
another Atlantis together 
on the map of my body, 
And I’m taking it back now. 
Your knowledge, 
my secrets, 
my gasps when you touch me 
there, and there, 
how these new worlds were 
for you. 
So you’ll kiss another mouth, 
and maybe you’ll enjoy it, 
maybe it’ll taste like new summer
or wild berries 
or something you’ve never 
had on your tongue before 
but when you come back for me 
with your hands wide open 
I will not come, 
I will not look for you,
and I will not forgive you.”