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»»» Atashinchi no Danshi ==*
Thursday, February 2, 2012, 9:37 PM 0 comment/s

done watching Atashinchi no Danshi ==* can’t believe ii finished this drama in just 2 days ! >.>”

* SHO : you know, up until now I’ve never been turned down after confessing my feelings, 23 consecutive victories. So... I don't want to break my winning streak.. && there are other guys here .. *leaves*

* CHiSATO : *talks to herself* It would've been his 24th win too...

darn it Sho ! WAE DIDN'T U CONFESS ?!!

He so had a chance. They would’ve gotten together. >:|
BAKA !!! grrrrr.

there better be a season 2. >.>

Ya !! ever heard of Atashinchi no Danshi ? If yes, well, good for you && if not, well this is perfect for you. make sure to make it on the top of your “To be watched JDRAMA list” && join their fun and sad experiences ..

Cheers ! :)

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