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»»» My Little Prince Doppelganger :p
Friday, February 3, 2012, 9:22 PM 0 comment/s

TS Entertainment has just unveiled a picture of ZeloBang Yong Guk‘s partner in his new sub-unit.

Although he’s young (born in 1996), Zelo stands at 182 cm (~ 6 ft) tall and possesses a low voice. His specialty is rap, and he’s said to possess good looks that will definitely snatch hearts.

TS Entertainment stated, “Zelo is the youngest out of the members who are scheduled to debut, but he is a talented individual who possesses great potential, as he can rap in addition to performing acrobatics and dance. Zelo comes from ‘Zelos’, the god of rivalry in Greek mythology. He was named so because we saw how hard he tried amongst all the hyungs.”

dafaq ! this Cutie Zelo of B.A.P T.T
omg,, then this guy is a year younger than me,, but 'wow' he sure does know how to impress a girl =o...x3
 I think I'm gonna like him ^^