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Saturday, February 25, 2012, 6:21 PM 0 comment/s

I've changed my background music again ♥
&& I've updated my layout background image ♥

  • Bang Yong Guk feat. Yoseob - I Remember 
  • Jepp Blackman feat. Crucial Stars - Last One
  • B.A.P. feat. Song Ji Eun - Secret love

I Remember has no live performance with Yoseob. In B.A.P.'s showcase BYG sang it together with Daehyun, also a member of B.A.P. It has a MV released by TS Entertainment. 

I think the story of the MVof I Remember is They fight, get over it, cuddle. Girl somehow gets taken by gangsters and he goes to save her, and dies. However, his "ghost" comes back, so he goes to save her yet again not knowing he is already dead. Though on his way he is remembering what happened *2:03 clutching his head, remembering* How she saw him alive and dead? My belief is she's dead too, shot by gangsters?, seeing him dead has made her realize they're both dead, thats how he's holding her and they don't show her getting shot at of course but since it's his ghost replaying the event, she may have been shot the first time around when he died. @fluffygirl56

Jepp Blackman is Bang Yong Guk's old name. Yong Guk promoted under the name ‘Jepp Blackman‘ as the maknae of the esteemed indie underground hip hop crew/label, Soul Connection.  Fans of his underground work can rest assured, as Csp clarified that Jepp will be remaining with the crew while on contract with TS.

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