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»»» Zettai Kareshi Special Episode drama
Sunday, February 19, 2012, 9:13 PM 0 comment/s

In this episode, three years passed by already. Soshi and Riiko came back in Japan from their study in Paris and they're already engaged. Meanwhile, Kronos Heaven was still making lover type robots under the scientist Dr. Kamiya while Mr. Namikiri was working in the basement (or some sort). And then, Night came back, alive!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

If you’ve been attached to Zettai Kareshi, then this is the perfect chance for you. Night is alive and he’s back for Riiko. For those who mourn for his (uhm) death, let us rejoice. Although, I’m not ensuring you a happy ending for Night after all. But the ending would be the best one.

Riiko had her new hair style. She doesn’t have a full bangs now, she have a side bangs now. She looks cuter now. (^_^) Sugoii! 

Who would not love this scene? From the looks of it, you already know what will happen. Dr. Kamiya will revive Night. I missed him now.

Remember this chair? This was the chair where Riiko and Night spent their last hours together. When I saw it, I was definitely warped back to the past. It was like I was being Riiko while watching it. I remembered what happened here, definitely, even before Riiko remembered it herself.

This part was definitely funny. I was glad Night was back. *cheers And Riiko was really surprised to see him there.

Another best scene I would not forget. Mr. Namikiri was really happy seeing Night back. I guess he thinks Night as his son already.

Night did again one of his way to show his love for Riiko here. Sugoii!

This part took sent me back to that time when Night ran to get the new Asamoto product line in time for it to be critiqued by Ms. Sophie in order for Riiko not to lose her job. This was one of the best act of love of Night.

Mr. Shiro Asamoto gave a very nice inspirational message here. I'll always keep it in mind. Live life to the fullest everyone.

Night regained his ego back here. Our Night is back!

Dr. Kamiya went with the robot Nanase to the place where the time capsule was buried. Here, it was revealed what Nanase’s dream was. Dr. Kamiya realized that she can’t make the dream come true anymore since Nanase is already dead. Robot Nanase to the rescue, and he made a speech about he can’t be Nanase because he’s a robot and he can’t replace the love he gave to her . Plus, he can’t have a family and everything was so complicated for him to love her.

Night and Riiko were listening to the two, and they realized that the same thing goes for their love for each other. Night gave Riiko a worrisome look.

Nanase’s system already shut down. The four of them had their moment.

This was really a very dramatic part for Night. He knows the consequence of his love and now he doesn't want to give Riiko any burden in heart anymore. He wished Mr. Namikiri to destroy him completely. It was depressing for me. I'll never see Night anymore. >.<

They bid their farewell, and Riiko gave Night the final kiss she can ever give to him. But, Riiko, still, didn’t say she loves Night. Nonetheless, action speaks louder the words. This was the proof of her love for him. Bye Night!

I know this may sound impossible, but Night had tears in his eyes. He was crying while Riiko leaves.

Riiko did not look back at Night. I'm sure that if she do so, it would be harder for her to let go. And with it, the special episode ends. (c)


That's it ~ !!

I so love him in Gokusen 2 && after  watching this drama I love him even more. This drama really fvcking made me cry ! Especially when Night asked her creator to scrap him because he and riiko can't live together because he is just a robot.  Tenjo night ~~ wae do you have to die ?! No more dramas that make me cry over the death of a robot. 


Riiko: Night, why are you so nice?
Night: Because I'm your ideal lover.
Riiko: That's just your programming talking. Night, I...
Night: I also made memories. 
Riiko: huh?
Night: Meeting Riiko. Walking together with Riiko. Eating with Riiko. Riiko's sleeping face. Riiko smiling. Riiko... *hugs*

For me ~ they are the best couple T.T


to those who haven't watch this, you must put it in your to-be-watch list. I swear you won't regret it.

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