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»»» [EXCLUSIVE TRANS] Yongguk @ Japan News Interview
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 5:54 PM 0 comment/s


Q3. Tell us how you got started/got a chance to become a singer?

From when i was in middle school, i did(?) indie and hip hop. Because i became an adult, my current labelmate sunbaes Untouchable introduced me to the company and i joined the company. After that, i prepared for B.A.P and solo activities. b.a.p’s preparation time was about a year. It’s taken me 6 years to debut.

Q4. What are your strong points and weak points?

I think that my good point is that i have more musical experience compared to the other members. My bad point is that i’m lacking the cuteness and kindness of my dongsaengs. 

Q5. If b.a.p were a family, what would be your role?

I would be the dad. i’m the oldest and my dongsaengs come to me for advice. We’ll talk about various things and i’ll tell them things. Therefore, i’m the dad.

Q6. B.A.P’s charm is?

We’re a group with various charms. All members possess cute sides and manly sides. Isn’t it charming that we all have blond hair? Each of the members has a strong personality, which is B.A.P’s charm.

(Source ll Trans: @BAPQuotes for @BAPUpdates)

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