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»»» [EXCLUSIVE TRANS] Himchan @ Japan News Interview
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 5:52 PM 0 comment/s


Q3. Tell us how you got started/got a chance to become a singer?

I have been fond of music since I was a child. At beginning I studied the European music.I studied the Korean traditional music for specialty too, but the person of this industry provoked me because I was interested in entertainment. I can play *JANGGU(korean traditional drum)and therefore, I’ve collaborated with the Japanese *SYAMISEN(japanese traditional stringed instrument)player. Because  japanese art school and our school are sister school, so i’m still a  student but I’ve been absent from school now.

Q4. What are your strong points and weak points?

My bad point is too obedient, and my expression is easy to be reflected on a face but I want to become an obedient human. However, when we must be with a poker face, it is serious problem.

Q5. If B.A.P were a family, what would be your role?

(Himchan was thinking..and answered in japanese) Um..ONESAN?(means “old sister”) [aha? you means old sister?(he missed japanese!)] No! I wanted say “OKA-SAN!”(means “Mom”). Because my mother is good at cooking so I’m good in this area too and I can make  basic food, ex:”JJIGAE”(korean food)and “FRIED RICE”.  I’m a FAMILIAR BOY. xD

(Source ll Trans: @Babylia0 for @BAPUpdates)

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