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»»» [EXCLUSIVE TRANS] Daehyun @ Japan News Interview
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 5:50 PM 0 comment/s


Q3. tell us how you got started/got a chance to become a singer.

Since my childhood, I always longed to become a singer when I was watching TV. When deciding on my course for high school, as I thought I wanted to aim to become a singer, thus I enrolled in practical music department. After that, I entered a music academy, while entering the music academy, I entered and passed B.A.P’s audition. Although I had been practicing at the academy, after entering the company, it took about 6 months before my debut. I was the last one to join in. Before debut I had lots to do, that is why I want to try/give my hardest. I do not have free time because of difficulty or pain/bitterness.

Q4. if b.a.p were a family, what would be your role? (I think this also been translated before)

I am oldest son. Himchan hyung is the mom and Yongguk hyung is the dad. Then in age wise, I am the oldest son but I would give an impression of being the middle son? (Interviewer: Youngjae persistently called himself the mom, laugh) That really isn’t right. Yongjae is definitely effeminate and delicate but…. I don’t think it’s enough to call him the mom (laugh).

Q5. What did you feel when other members had individual activities before debut?

I am not jealous (laugh). They work as a prelude of the team, therefore I cheered hard for them. If I were to have individual activities, I would like to have a duet with a female vocal. I was also practicing duet when I was at the academy and because I also found that it’s interesting, that’s why I would like to try it out.

(Source ll Trans: Suli1031 @ BAPUpdates)

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