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»»» [EXCLUSIVE TRANS] Youngjae @ Japan News Interview
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 5:48 PM 0 comment/s


Q3. Tell us how you got started/got a chance to become a singer?

During my school trip, there was a talent showcase, at that time I sang on stage, when the cheers from my friends were amazing, it does felt scared. It’s an opportunity. I thought to become a singer in order to stand on stage as a dream to become a profession. Dreaming of becoming a singer, I started studying music and became more and more attracted to music. I love and have passion for music, and become a member of B.A.P. At first, I have prepared around 1 year at another company, when debuting was considerably hard, I got to talk with the present company(TS), in the current company, it took approximately 1 year to debut. During the time of practice, there wasn’t anything which was especially tough. Rather, to become a pro, I thought that I should be equipped with appropriate skills and personality. I feel such pressure called “I need to have the responsibility”.

Q4. What are your weak points and shortcomings?

Weak points? Hmm… I don’t have any week points (interviewer: Oh! Clapping hand together!). Shortcomings, hmm… a little shy.

Q5. If B.A.P were a family, what would be your role? (I think this has been translated before but I still translate)

Himchan hyung will probably said he is the mom, but I’m the mom. Himchan hyung is the naughty/mischievous mangnae (laugh). Yongguk hyung is the dad and I’m the mom. Daehyun is the oldest son, Jongup and Zelo are the mangnaes. Himchan hyung is the maknae that still doesn’t have a good head on his shoulder (laugh). I take care of everyone.

(Source ll Trans: Suli1031 @ BAPUpdates)

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