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»»» [EXCLUSIVE TRANS] Jongup @ Japan News Interview
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 5:46 PM 0 comment/s


Q3. Tell us how you got started/got a chance to become a singer?

During 1st year of junior high school, I started dancing as a hobby. Although I started dancing with a carefree/comfortable feeling because I love it, eventually, I also took part in my favourite tournament/competition. By standing on the stage, I felt the charm of the stage and chosen this road. Now I passed into an art high school. As for trainee period, I have trained about 1 and a half year in this company.

Q4. If B.A.P were a family, what would be your role?

The second youngest son. According to the age order of the members (laugh).

Q5. What did you feel when other members had individual activities before debut?

During Zelo’s activities, I was impressed and happy because he was doing so well although he was still a kid/child. To start activity together with such members as B.A.P, it feels great and full of anticipation.

(Source ll Trans: Suli1031 @ BAPUpdates)

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