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»»» [INFO] What are Sasaeng fans?
Thursday, March 8, 2012, 5:29 PM 0 comment/s

It seems that not everyone in the k-fandom completely understands what a “sasaeng fan” is. the extremely toned down version of a “sasaeng fan” is stalker. but sasaeng fans are not infamous for stalking idols. they are infamous for far worse things, and there have been extremely many physical accounts between sasaengs and idols.

it basically begins with a group of people who come together. then they each take turns staking out at various places, mostly their dorm, radio recording sites, the office, etc. and when they see the idols leaving an area, they will text the others and say “come to (insert area here) right now, they are leaving.”

and the others, from wherever they are, get to that place as soon as they can to wait for the members. idols and managers even know some groups of sasaeng fans by face and name, and these “fans” will physically try to go and hold onto the idols, swear and insult at them, touch them inappropriately, HIT and bruise the idols, and follow them around EVERYWHERE. they will knock on the manager’s vans to get them to open the window, bruise the members’ faces to leave marks, pull out their hair to “keep”, etc. therefore the managers must constantly protect these idols from harm and molestation, and to many korean fans, it is absolutely no wonder as to why idols and managers lose their temper with these “fans”.

there are many fanaccounts and blogs that belong to sasaeng fans who write things like, “i touched his butt! i grabbed his crotch! i slapped his face and now he has a bruise made by me!” these fans also call the idols and ask, “where are you? tell me where you are!” and try various methods in tracking down the idols. also, as they wait outside buildings, fans smoke and rudely throw burnt out cigarettes at the buildings, scream in the middle of the night outside their dorms to get the members’ attention, etc.

other sasaeng fans travel through taxi. basically, the fans have to pay the taxi driver a large sum of money, and in return they follow the specific idol(s) for twenty four hours. if the fan does not have enough money to spend, she would offer to have sex with the driver.

these fans have also been known for sending nude pictures to idols, breaking into their homes (and like one infamous incident: pee on their towels and hang them up on a rack), sending “gifts” such as writing in period blood or pads drenched in period blood, etc. they have physically hurt idols, in such occasions that the managers have to beat back at the fans to protect the members. they even sell the idols’ phone numbers and social security numbers online.

it is all extremely and negatively hardcore, and this is only a fourth of the many things sasaeng fans do to idols. to underestimate these fans and simply label them off as “any other fan” is insulting. many korean fans refuseto call them fans. they have been known to harm idols, more than anything, and are exactly what managers protect idols from. sasaeng fans are ultimately dangerous.

source: onew sangtae

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