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Thursday, March 8, 2012, 5:49 PM 0 comment/s

[MUST READ] [Translation] [Twitagora via @woolla1] Saseng fan is a controversial topic due to JYJ’s audio clips. So, I searched what saseng fans of TVXQ have done.

Credit: @woolla1

Top Star News Reporter Park Jihyuk

Translated by @dlwpdldhkdlwp

Saseng fan is a controversial topic due to JYJ’s audio clips. So, I searched what saseng fans of TVXQ have done.

1. Collected the blood of menstruation and gave to Junsu
2. Secretly broke into the dormitory of TVXQ and kissed on Jaejoong’s lips
3. Followed Junsu and caused car accidents.
4. Registered at PC room (Internet café) using the Social Security Number of Yoochun
5. Caused the incident of camera by Mickyoochun
6. Copied the key of the dormitory of TVXQ
7. Followed Changmin and caused fracture of his little finger
8. The girl who hit Changmin with the bag with a rock inside
9. Collected the blood of menstruation and gave as gifts to members
10. Found out all the Social Security Number of families of members and used at PC room.
11. Found out telephone numbers of families and called them
12. Stopped the phones of TVXQ, checked the call history, and checked each of them if they were women or not
13. Searched for TVXQ’ seal stamps at their dormitory hoping to register marriage with them
14. Sneaked into their dormitory and kissed on member’s face
15. Put underwear in the bag of member
16. Stole items of members
17. Sign up on sites using members’ Social Security Numbers
18. Hacked the hard drive of dormitory computer and checked which music they have listened and which sites they have visited
19. Touched members’ bodies
20. Followed them to airport by searching the ticket for airplane using members’ social security numbers
21. Followed the van going to dormitory by taxi
22. Waited in front of the dormitory
23. Followed the short holiday (only around 10days per year) and found out with whom they went on vacation
24. Searched for the new telephone number when they change their phones and texted
25. Although they didn’t have much time to sleep, was being noisy (text messaging, calling, talk outside of dormitory)
26. The most basic: used money to get saseng taxi and followed them right after the performance (at least 20 saseng taxi per time)
27. Put taps on phones of TVXQ members and Park Yoohwan
28. Separated them with girlfriends
29. Jaejoong mentioned on TV show: he called Yoochun to tell him to come to Han River and received a text message right after saying “Why are you calling Yoochun oppa?”
30. Gave sanitary pad and underwear as gifts

1st pic: MaxChangmin crying due to saseng fans
Comments on this picture:
-Changmin acted crying saying he broke up with his girlfriend because of sasengs. But sasengs just laughed and took pictures. And that Chinese girl is Jaejoong’s fan hit Changmin because he blocked Jaejoong… They are disgusting.
-Sasengs of TVXQ and FTIsland are more vicious.
-There has been another incident at the reststop of Sokcho.

2nd pic: Sasengs and saseng taxi broadcasted on SBS’ current affairs program “That We Want to Know”

3rd pic: Pictures of the door of Yoochun’s house

4th pic: Used Park Yoochun’s Social Security Number because she had overdue payment

From these, we can see how horrible saseng fans are and understand why JYJ members used violent languages… I even think it is mercy that they have not become mad after their sufferings from TVXQ period. The media should not only criticize using the audio of JYJ members but also criticize what saseng fans have done.

(via poh0n)

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