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»»» [INTERVIEW] (Eng Trans) B.A.P @ Japan News
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6:04 PM 0 comment/s

Q1. You have to go to a island and can only take three things, what would you bring? 

Jongup: Hmm… Family, Mp3 Oh then along with a solar powered charger, and meat!

Daehyun: (momentarily quiet) Ah! An electronic device like an ipod (we said there is no electricity..) I’m not thinking about that. And something to eat! I like cheesecake so I want to bring that. Water too.

Yongguk: Fire, book, and knife. (Oh! That’s the most realistic answer) What did the other members say? (There was a member that said meat) Ah! Then after the filming I want to go eat meat ^^

Zelo: (with a laugh) We did this in school too. MP3, clothes, and enough food to eat forever.

Youngjae: A lighter, fishing pole (Fishing??) Yes so I can catch fish and eat it! And an axe. I need it to build a house.

Himchan: (immediately) Guitar, a camera since I like to take pictures. (gets into a selca post ke ke) and sound system. I’m sure I’ll be able to work out the food situation somehow.

Q2. You guys live in a dorm together. What is something that you want to tell another member of your group?

Jongup: Um… (so that the other members don’t hear) I want to say something to Himchan. You’re in charge of emptying the trash but your timing for throwing it out gets slower each time.

Daehyun: (momentarily quiet) I want to say something to Youngjae who is the same age as me. At first we were rivals but when I look back on it, it was fun and now as group members, we are helping out as hyung and dongseng! Let’s keep being friendly with each other in the future. (we expected you to have a problem with him.) Oh really?

Yongguk: To Himchan! I’d like it if you could work a little harder to support me more. He’s the same age as me so he’s one of the big hyungs but should I say he’s a little bit weaker than I am.. There are times when you act like a dongseng so I wish you could act more mature and lead the dongsengs~ Himchan is effeminate and delicate and in contrast, I have a manly personality so we fight and sometimes it seems like a couple fight ^^

Zelo: (he peeks over at the other members in the middle of the shooting) I want to say this to everyone! I’m in charge of doing laundry. I, the maknae, work hard every night to do our laundry. This is a request, please give me your laundry before showering~ I am the type to take special care of clothes so I’d like it if they didn’t neglect their clothes.

Youngjae: Hmm.. to Zelo. I want to tell him to wake up properly in the morning. (He can’t wake up well??) Yes and his sleep talking is serious~~

Himchan: To our maknae, Zelo! Stop talking in your sleep! I don’t know what you’re saying but… there are three bunk beds in the dorm and we all sleep in the same room.

(source: http://community.pia.jp/hanryu/2012/02/20120223-02.html)

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