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»»» [INTERVIEW] (Eng Trans) Jongup @ 10asia
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6:08 PM 0 comment/s

My name is Jongup. I’m currently enrolled as a 3rd year in Hanlim Arts High School for dance. 
I was born on February 6, 1995. I have hyungs who are older than 5 years than me and they’re 3 years apart from one another. Because the toys we played with to the mangas we read when we were younger were all the same, we’re extremely close to each other. We even talk informally to one another but it doesn’t mean we are well accustomed to atmospheres where it’s all males. It can be different for when we’re close to the people but if it’s someone we’ve met for the first time, we tend to be reserved. 
I wish I can grow 10cm more in height. I think I past my growth spurt which was in middle school, so I’m growing height wise little by little. (Youngjae: It’s not his height that’s growing but his shoulders) (Himchan: His shoulders are really broad. It looks cool) (Bang Yongguk: I think that’s why his body proportion is nice). Thank you haha. 
If I grow taller, wouldn’t it look cool by me just standing even? I like Chris Brown and he’s a tall person so he couldn’t look any cooler. (Youngjae: Don’t worry, there’s Usher too). Right, I was almost same in height with Usher!.
Zelo’s been doing push-ups and I ask him every once in 3 days. He would ask me, “Hyung, don’t you think my body’s gotten better?” and I don’t see it at all. Hrm, I don’t work out so I don’t really know if your body becomes more built by doing push-ups. 
I first started dancing through a school club. I would go out to competitions and in becoming familiar with the stage, I raised my dream in becoming an artist. The first type of dancing I learned is bboying and there were times when I’d fall and get hurt from doing hand stands. Lately, I’ve been gaining interest in krumping.
Despite I want to go to America myself and really come across street culture as it’s my one wish. I think it’d be fun to see dance battles and honestly…it might be scary too since English is difficult. (Himchan: But the universal language is body language, no?)
I was more nervous for the performance test for school than the company’s audition. For the audition, I was introduced to it by someone and I didn’t prepare a lot but for the school test, I prepared too much so I think I was more nervous for that.
There’s a Japanese fan who always visits. I saw them again in our recent first fan signing and they’re the most memorable. Despite being Japanese, they’re able to speak a little Korean so they call me by my name in Korean.
I hope B.A.P can become a group people can be curious about and anticipate. What will these kids do next? Like this, even to those who dislike us, I want them to constantly find us whenever we release an album or a song.
The variety program I want to appear in is… I don’t think I’ll be able to go on variety programs because I’m not good at talking. Hrm… (Himchan: Ah ah…what are you going to do about this atmosphere!)


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