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»»» [INTERVIEW] (Eng Trans) Zelo @ 10asia
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6:14 PM 0 comment/s

My name is Zelo. I earned the name from the Greek god Zelos who is the god of rivalry. My real name is Choi Junhong.
I was born on October 15, 1996. I have an older brother of 2 years and my older brother resembles my dad while I resemble my mom. I think we resemble our parents in certain aspects.
When I entered high school this year. Maybe it’s because I haven’t matured but when I see the hyungs, I think often in wanting to hurry and become an adult. (Youngjae: I think you’ve become an adult now though?) But having graduated recently, I think it’s a little more disappointing moving up to a 1st year in high school from a 3rd year in middle school than a 2nd year would move up to being a 3rd year in middle school. (Himchan: You’re becoming an adult). 
When I was in elementary, I wanted to become a soccer player. I would always sweat when running but after having started in music, all that became tedious. From finding choreographies to raps on the computer and trying to follow it, I liked being out there so I would go out to festivals too.
The hyungs chose me as the member who doesn’t wash up well before. In a sense, that’s true but I have a reason for it. being the magnae, I have to wash up last and while waiting for my turn, I can’t fight against my tiredness and so I would fall asleep often. (Himchan: We would wake him up but there are times when he’d just sleep). Ah…I don’t really remember.
In the dorm, I’m in charge of laundry.Not because the hyungs tell me to, but because I’m very sensitive when it comes to clothes stretching out or the wash fading out so I volunteered to take on the position. (Bang Yongguk: Zelo’s clothes never stretch out but ours does…) (Himchan: It’s a doubt, a mystery). .
Despite being 182 cm tall, I’m small for in comparison to my frame and I wish my body would mature a little. I would work out whenever it comes to mind but it’s just a simple push up I’d do in the house. Hrm, maybe 20? Jongup hyung’s body is really good so I get motivated to work out and in order to build my body, I’ve tried other things but it doesn’t last long. Our personal trainer told me that it’s not too late if I start now…
Jongup hyung is a really fun person. He doesn’t seem like it since he looks like he doesn’t joke around and appears innocent with unchanging facial expressions, but he makes everyone burst into laughter just by the cringe of his face. And despite being able to make us laugh, he can hold a masculine and charismatic image on stage so I’m taken aback whenever I see a side to him that is outside of his normal image.
If I was given 24 more hours, I really want to learn composing lyrics. I don’t normally read books and I wish I had time to read books, even if someone set me a set deadline to do so. Also… I want to learn skateboard tricks. Right now, I’m just at the stage of liking skateboarding hehe.


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