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»»» [INTERVIEW] (Eng Trans) Daehyun @ 10asia
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6:19 PM 0 comment/s

My name is Daehyun.
I was born on June 28, 1993. I have one older brother who is 3 years older than I am. Because my brother has a cold personality, he doesn’t ask about which celebrities I’ve seen as he doesn’t take much interest in that area and just asks how I’ve been doing.
When watching baseball, my father roots for KIA and my mother roots for Lotte so despite liking baseball, I’ve given up because it’s better to just not get involved when it comes to the dilemma between my parents’ favorite teams.
I didn’t have plans of becoming a singer in the beginning, but I was just a kid who likes singing. With that, I began to think, “I should really try learning the basics of singing” so I went to a high school where I can do music and went to small competitions in the city which exhilarated me little by little. I began to get a sense of the fun in standing on stage when I’d see people watch me and clap for me.
I became a member of B.A.P last. I was a trainee as a total of 2 years and training with our group was maybe 7 months? When I first entered, I had Youngjae who was the same age as me and dongsengs too so it wasn’t all that difficult. I think I got close to Jongup especially since I learned dancing from him.
The cleansing method Youngjae spoke of is an idiotic method. I don’t have good skin so I tend to focus on washing a bit more thoroughly. First off, I wipe my make up off with cleansing tissue, then I wash it off with oil as a second cleansing. I wash my face again after that by using the foam from soap and lastly, I finish it off by using skin lotion. Sigh…before my debut, I never imagined the difficulties that makeup would bring.
Recently at a fan signing, a fan said, “Oppa, I brought a piece of candy that’s the size of your body.” I thought she was joking and how she could even find candy that big until I saw for myself as she brought a candy this~ big. I’m so pressured to eat it because I know if I start, I’ll have to finish it. (Bang Yongguk: I don’t think he knows the method of breaking it apart and eating it). I’m afraid it’ll melt haha.
I’m now used to speaking in Seoul dialect, but there are times when I have fun using saturi. When the hyungs aren’t around and I’m wither the dongsengs or Youngjae, it comes out naturally. (Himchan: I think his saturi pops out when he’s overworked about something like not being able to eat). Like if there was something to eat but the dongsengs ate it first, then I would say “You!” rather that “hey, why are you eating this?” (Jongup: He’s gotten a lot better. Before our debut, he’d be outside and when he’d turn on the heater, he’d be like “Ah~ So warm!”). 
When we have free time,, I’d like to go to the beach. Because my hometown is Busan, I always saw the beach but having come up to Seoul, I haven’t seen the beach since. Although my neighborhood was where a baseball stadium was, my academy was near the beach so I always smelled the beach…
One day, I really want to go on a serious talk show. I want to spill stories here and there. (Youngjae: Yoo Youngjae’s Music Friend) (Himchan: The “Oprah Winfrey Show”?). Agh, that’d be an honor.


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