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»»» [INTERVIEW] (Eng Trans) Youngjae @ 10asia
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6:33 PM 0 comment/s

My name is Youngjae.
I was born on January 24, 1994. I have one older brother who is 7 years older than I am. Personality wise, my older brother and I are mainly similar.
In our school’s talent show, I sang senior SG Wannabe’s song. Seeing my seniors like it, it made me want to become a singer. Of course, I wasn’t popular then but at the time, when I would come down from the stage…it made me think I became a star. Daehyun, you don’t know things like this, huh?
When I first joined the company, Yongguk hyung was promoting “Crazy” with senior Song Jieun. Honestly, I only saw senior Song Jieun in my eyes and I thought, “That person’s scary” when I saw Yongguk hyung heuheu. In reality, it was hard to approach Yongguk hyung and it took a while for us to get close.
Yongguk hyung isn’t the type to really pay attention to someone if it’s not someone of his interest. He didn’t really pay much attention to me too…hahaha. (Yongguk: No, I did take interest in him but because I’m not good at expressing myself, he probably felt that way). Honestly, Yongguk hyung at the time was only focused on making music then so even in our dorm, he’d be inside the work room. The closer he got with the members is when he started coming out to the living room.
When we first made our signatures, I asked the members and they were all too busy making their own so they didn’t really say much so I debated by myself and eventually made one but I still think it’s a little lacking. Sigh….i feel sorry when fans asked for my signature. I don’t know, it’s as if there’s an empty feeling to it?
Because I do my eye makeup thickly, I’ve found a technique on how to take it off and I’ve divided it into 3 steps. First off, I wash my face with oil, then I wipe it off with a cleansing cotton. After that, I wipe it off again with eye makeup remover and I put a cotton swab in my eye and close it shut. Like this~ like this~ when I rub it, the eyeliner rubs off well.
Because we have the choice to choose the menu for food, Daehyun and I often conflict in what we want. If I wanted to eat Korean food, then Daehyun will say he wants Chinese food, so that’s when we ask the magnaes Zelo and Jongup to decide.
The person who fit the concept for “Warrior” the best is Zelo I think. People would think that he wouldn’t because he’s a cute magnae but I think he was able to portray the inner rebellious image in him.
In order to invade the universe, we have to know what aliens like. I think to them, Jongup will be the most popular to them, no? Because he’s the most alien-like person hehe.


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