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»»» [INTERVIEW] (Eng Trans) Yongguk @ 10asia
Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 6:44 PM 0 comment/s

My name is Bang Yongguk. I promoted under the name Jepp Blackman in the underground scene.
I was born on March 31, 1990. I have an older brother and a sister 6 years older.
It was revealed before that I was from Leejakdo, but I was actually born in Incheon. Leejakdo was where I lived in briefly before when I was younger and I moved back to Incheon, then moved to Seoul in middle school. I honestly don’t have much memories of Leejakdo haha.
My original dream wasn’t becoming a mainstream artist. But in seeing seniors such as Supreme Team and Dynamic Duo reach out to the public, it made me think of how I wanted to work in that area.
When I appeared on MBC’s “Lululala” of , what I said will be ‘edited out’ really was. (Himchan: He knows exactly what parts will be edited out). I just am alert on things like that heuheu. In being a fixed member on a variety show, I was surely able to learn a lot of things.
The reason why Himchan is always ‘picked on’ is because when the dongsengs try to joke with me, I can’t really take their jokes. (Himchan: And if you did, I feel that the atmosphere would drop negatively haha). It’s because Himchan is the member out of the 6 of us that has good reactions or says funny things so he’s fun to be around.
We sleep altogether in one room with 3 bunk beds in our dorm. I don’t necessarily have complaints in sleeping in the bottom bunk bed but there are times I would like to sleep on the top bunk. (Daehyun: That’s why we’ve tried switching a few times). 
I’ve had fun using Busan saturi lately. Daehyun doesn’t normally use saturi but when we ask him from time to time to share it with us, he does and it’s really funny. That’s why when I call Jongup, I don’t just say “Jongup!” but I call for him like “Moon~Jong↘Up↗ee!” 
Last year, I watched a movie called “World Invasion” with Himchan but I don’t remember it. (Himchan: He said we had to watch it but he fell asleep). When I saw the trailer, I don’t it was a Sci-Fi movie but seeing it, it was actually a movie praising the American Navy. After realizing that, I thought, “It’s better to sleep than watch this” so I ended up sleeping. Hrm hrm. I usually don’t prefer movies praising something.
Instead of Korean baseball, I like the American major league, especially the Texas Rangers! My favorite baseball player is the batter Mark Teixeira and I liked him since he was in the Texas little league. Although he’s tall and a bit on the chubbier end, he’s extremely fast when it comes to running and he has great reflexes. Because he’s the same age group as I am, I’m motivated when thinking “There’s someone in the same age range as me who works that hard.” Of course, it definitely doesn’t mean we’re close friends or anything…
Our goal first off is to invade the international market. People ask us, “Are you going to invade the universe” but I don’t believe we’re at the level to invade the universe just yet haha. First off, we’ll just focus on invading the planet and I want to prove our words once we do achieve it.


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