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Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 6:49 PM 2 comment/s

Koizora - also known as “Sky of Love” or “Love Sky” - for me is the most dramatic film I’ve ever seen in my whole life. It totally made my heart feel broken in a good way that I can feel what the character feels. At the beginning, I thought that I would just simply feel how sad the character is because I had the feeling that it would be dramatic. By the moment that I was [somehow] reaching the rising action or climax, I cried because of Mika’s feelings. Although there were scenes that weren’t that expected, it still made me cry A LOT, even for THE WHOLE NIGHT when I was watching it. [The weirdest thing that came to my mind was thinking if Hiro’s hair really was silver because I was seeing blonde. LOL XD .]

On the part where in Hiro left Mika, I was like “Die, playboy”. But by then, I actually realized that he left her because he was sick. Again, it made me cry more TT ^ TT . The most heart breaking for me was Hiro’s death, especially when he asked for Mika to develop the photos in his camera. Then she tripped. I was like “Run, bitch. Run~!”, but it turned out to be that he died. When she thought of jumping for death, birds suddenly came out to stop her which made me cry once more. LOL.

Koizora is such a wonderful movie to see or a wonderful manga to read. Manga was started from 2005, while the movie was from 2008. WATCH IT NOW~! <3