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»»» May Our Paths Cross Again :)
Friday, March 30, 2012, 4:31 PM 2 comment/s


Yesterday was our 82nd Graduation Rites Batch 2011-2012 in our beloved Alma Mater - Agusan National High School. I'm so proud being a part of IV - EARTH the Second Section in Crack. I've been receiving non-stop messages from my classmates and schoolmates saying that they will never forget the bonds and memories we've shared together. I'm so blessed to have them in my life T_T neewai ~ lemme share you some of their touching messages. 

Miss Angeline A. Gacula's Message (our cosmetology teacher) :

LIFE in this world is the hardest course we could ever take. It could only be taken once.

  • no review
  • no masteral
  • no doctorate
We don't have any other DEAN but GOD. && once we have graduated from this school, we are done && gone. Only eternity can tell our rating: PASS or FAILED. So live each day as if it's your baccalaureate service, because in this course we'll never know the exact date of our closing ceremony. Good Morning and Congratulations.

Glenn Caezar "cocoy martin" Laciapag (Rover Scout JASM) :

My friends are essential to my well-being. Thank you for everything. I could never afford to lose any of you. Definitely not YOU. Thanks for the friendship. At this very moment I just have felt melancholy. Reminiscing those hilarious and nostalgic moments that we've shared together, those days feels like only yesterday. Farewell to you my Friends 

Fe "andrea" Jalandoni :

Nothing makes the EARTH seems so spacious to have friends at a distance: they make the latitudes and longitudes. right earth? love you all and God bless :)

I'm so gonna miss my OSM classmates T_T

having fun in baraks

patintero days \m/

playing patintero with our best opponent, our best friend, 1st section IV- SUN

when we have no class or there is no teacher :D

Red Hot Adlaw Hong Butuan Practice
together with BCSAT, LNHS, (BXU Sports Comples, Libertad)

Red Hot Adlaw Hong Butuan after the Performance
together with BCSAT, LNHS, (BXU Sports Comples, Libertad)

our bonds in the Capitol Playing Park

our taping in Magallanes for Canal dela Rena (project)

staying in the blushed waiting for our Mapeh and TLE 

wearing our school uniform T_T

our Graduation


We cannot say we're the BEST,
 because the truth is, we are the LEAST
yet, we can say we ROCKED.
ENJOYED our lives
we truly BROKE the rules !!!
that makes us DIFFERENT from anyone else :)