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Friday, April 20, 2012, 5:58 PM 0 comment/s

Done watching Dream High 2. It was such a disappointment. Bleck! I liked the rest of the cast especially my husband Jinwoon, but I didn’t feel like their characters were that well developed. Especially the couplings. I was anticipating who the writers would match up with each other, but they didn’t really make it clear as the series concluded (to me at least; I guess they’re all just really good friends & their relationships didn’t develop into a romance during the timeskip?). No one even kissed. like, wtf -_-

<-- Everyone is going crazy over JB and
here I am fangirling over Jinwoon oppa.

Jung Jin Woon 정진운 is a South Korean idol singer, actor and the youngest member of boy band 2AM. Jin Woon was born on May 2, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated high school from BaekAhm High School. He, along with SHINee's Onew and Girls' Generation's SeoHyun, had the highest national score for their high school SATs exam. He studied at Daejin University, Dept. of Theatre and Visual Arts, the same class as fellow group member, Seulong. Jinwoon is known to be close to 91-liners, such as Nicole Jung of Kara, Son Dong-woon of Beast,Bang Mir of MBLAQ, and Key of SHINee.

I had so many mixed feelings throughout the whole thing.
I wanted so bad for JB and Rian to be together and Yoo Jin and Hye Sung to be together but they hardly had that many moments together like I wished because the roles and relationships were switched.
what bugs me even more is the chemistry Yoo Jin and Rian had. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like them together. And the same goes for JB and Hye Sung because it hurt to watch her break up with JB and the whole chopsticks and spoon thing is just too sweet. But really I could have been fine with JB and Hye Sung just being close friends because I really wanted for things to workout with her and Yoo Jin.
GAH! The same goes for Ui and Ailee. Great chemistry but I see them more as friends and see Ui and Lee Seul more suitable to me (I guess I like the whole opposites attract thing they had going on).

Positive Notes:
I absolutely loved all the finally performances and their messages ♥
I freaked out when Ui and Lee Seul song ballons by DBSK 

Yoo Jin and Ui Bong fanboying over
Miss A Episode 15 or 16 xD

Good song choice, the way you acted through the majority of this drama was like this: Who runs the world? RIAN.

Even though I had a distinct dislike for Rian at first she is a very complex character and in the end learned how to humble herself. I’d say she grew the most so here’s to you Rian. FIGHTING!

YEESSS!!! THERE’S THE JIN YOO JIN WE ALL KNOW. HE FOUND HIMSELF AGAIN. When he was like G Minor I was all like yeaa!!!

Dream High and their time skips were no one ages lolololol Teacher Yang’s Audition Scene and an eight year love triangle ???

srsly so many handsome oppa in DH2.
#1 is Jinwoon followed by JB, Park Seo Joon,
and JR. My ovaries explode everythime he smile T_T 

JYP Entertainment’s JB (left in the photo) and Jr. (pronounced Junior), who will now be debuting in an idol group in the latter half of the year. The two of them will be uniting as the team ‘J&J‘ and are scheduling activities for their debut.

JB and Jr. together won the 1st place prize at the 5th JYP open auditions in 2009. At the time of the auditions, these cute and good-looking rookies attracted the attention of the public through their outstanding dancing talent. Even in ‘Dream High 2′, the two of them have taken center stage with their unique skills, and after 3 years of preparation, they will officially debut in the second half of the year.

JB and Jr.’s real names are Im Jaebum and Park Jinyoung, respectively. Unfortunately, both names had already been held by their sunbaes (seniors). JB simply had to abbreviate his English name, while Jr., who shares his name with the head of JYP Entertainment himself, derives his stage name from ‘Park Jinyoung Junior’.

JB plays JB, the leader of the male idol group Eden in ‘Dream High 2′. Jr. plays the part of Jung Wi Bong, a backup dancer in Eden, but he still catches attention with his stable acting ability and just as fancy singing and dancing skills.