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»»» New layout + New Background Music
Monday, April 30, 2012, 10:20 AM 0 comment/s

I was scrolling in blogskins because I got tired of my former layout then I saw this awesome skin and decided to use it :) it is no longer my birthday so I changed also my Background Music. 
2 songs this time: 
  • B Song - Dream High 2 OST
  • Polly - Melody
Done watching Extravagant Challenge/Skip Beat. I WANT MORE. THEY BETTER MAKE A SECOND SEASON.  I can't stop laughing with his uncle when he said to Gong Xi "Can I be your fan? or add me as a friend on facebook?" I found the series very amusing. Even though some of the parts are exaggerated, at least I find almost all funny. There hadn’t been an episode where I didn’t laugh. And there hadn’t been an episode where I didn’t squeal. Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon are just so squeal-worthy and lovable and handsome and cute and adorable and… well, you get the picture.
I still loved Maria, Kanae, or in the Taiwanese drama “Qin”, and manager of Ren who went by the surname “Du” in this one. Bianca Bai is a wonderful actress. Frances Wu is really cute and a good actress, too! Maria’s part never failed to move me. Also, the manager… I swear I’d be someone like him if I’d be a manager, too!
The soundtracks… gaaah… I found them so lovable I want to keep them on repeat in the player. Especially This is Love and S-O-L-O.
This series just made me love Skip Beat! more and more. ♥
I try to control myself so that I can have a place in her heart. Even if to her, it’s merely ‘common sense’. I feel that my desire for her is growing. Calling to me… - Tsuruga Ren, Skip Beat