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»»» Protect The Boss Review
Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 12:01 PM 2 comment/s

Protect the Boss and OMG IT IS AMAZING!! I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it! It’s hilarious (I’m laughing like every 10 minutes)! I like how the main girl (No Eun Seol) isn’t weak, and omg Cha Ji Heon is the best! XD I love how he acts like a two year old CX <3 And don’t get me started with Jaejoong in the drama! I love him so much so whenever he shows up I can’t help but squeel! And the amusement park scene! SO JEALOUS! Can I ride the boat rollercoaster with Jaejoong too? *O* I won’t even mind if it’s scary XP

Truly, it is strange. There is not one proper villain who plots unsavory things in the background, and there is not one thick conflict that makes the palms sweat. But you can’t help but keep watching. Protect the Boss, to say it in one sentence, is a drama that is like the “rock from space” that has become stuck in the amygdaloid nucleus of the viewer’s brain.

I thought this drama sounded really odd from the get-go because of the premise of the story, but I’m happy to say that I’ve totally been proven wrong. All the four leads have great chemistry with each other and the most important thing is: Yes, Jae-joong can act. He’s also quite funny. JaeJoong really knows how to choose his stuff. .and choosing this drama as his acting debut in SK is a wise decision despite him being not the male lead (tho’ at times i do feel he is!)

I have to give it up to Ji Sung and Kang Hee… no words to describe how much I love their interactions… just wow. They both are unorthodox in their way of being so they match each other so well! I love it!!

Also about JJ and Ji Sung’s chemistry, it’s lol-tastic! They are such rivals that they convert into childish behavior just to one up the other. And JJ in a suit is so amazing, those looks, that voice… I just about fangirl spazz every time he appears on screen >_<. He's playing his part so well, I'm pleased!!

I love Nayoon. >///< She's a reminder of girls growing up with moms on her back. Her growing independent is something to root for, same as Muwon learning there's sth more to life other than work. JH character is interesting that even though he's overcoming his fears, he still isn't interested in taking over the company and really firm about it. That's not the usual plot would do.

Like in a triple beam balance, there was nothing that have the same weight in choices of life: it always tilted to one side no matter what.