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»»» Happy New Year !
Tuesday, January 1, 2013, 4:48 PM 0 comment/s

Happy New Year Everyone \m/ I just got home. I celebrated New Year in my boyfies' house and because it is already very late for me to go home, I slept there. Do't worry I slept in his room, and he on the living room lewls XD I'm so happy that I welcome the New Year together with him ♥. What is your New Years resolution ? Me ? hmm.. I won't be late anymore in my class and not be too moody and I'll be sweeter to my boyfie ♥ I've changed my layout. Thanks to M-iichiko for this awesome simple layout. I really love simple layouts. The combination of black, white and gray ♥_♥ Ohh ! Let's congrats her for having this layout as the SOTD.

You see that handsome guy in my icon ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  ? That's my Jun Matsumoto. Isn't he lovely ? kekeke~ I am an avid fan of him and his group Arashi. Who is Arashians here ? say present XD I started loving him in Hana Yori Dango then followed in Gokusen and so on. I watched all of his drama's, movies.  Yehey ! he's not married yet unlike my Jin Akanishi T_T he just married to Meisa Kuroki, a model.  She has given birth to her first baby in the afternoon of September 23rd.

Darn it ! No episodes this week of Fairy Tail because of holidays. I'm so darn excited to watch it. I want to see Mirajane with her devil form. Episode 163 please come out already T.T Fairy Tail airs on Saturday and will be released on the internet on Sunday. They will released the ep. 163 this Jan. 4 and I heard they will released 2 episodes this week. Maybe they will released ep. 164 on Sunday. They should !! Or else i'll destroy their company with firecrackers *evil laugh*.

That's all for now lovely people. I ran out of words already.
Salamat. ♥ :)