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»»» Junjou Romantica ♥
Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 9:18 PM 0 comment/s

OMFG ! just finished watching Junjou Romantica T_T. yeah ! It's a yaoi ^_^ This is the first time I've watched a yaoi anime and srsly guys i'm loving it T_T. They are soooooo sweet afjksdk. daebak ! well, there's nothing wrong watching a yaoi/yuri. && besides it's not so hentai it depends in the anime you are watching :P I have friends who loves watching/reading yaoi or yuri. I hate it before, && saying stuffs like "ewww, pervert!" when my friends are talking about it. But after watching this anime, I fvking understand them now T_T. I don't like yaoi, I  L O V E  it :P I tried uploading the preview of it on YouTube but the video is too long, but you can still watch it here :c 

P.S : I'm not a lesbie or a gay. I'm a straight girl. kekekeke ♥