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»»» Tokyo DOGS Review
Monday, April 30, 2012, 2:20 PM 5 comment/s

Marou: “What kind of elephant paints?
Sou: “Ele-Picasso” ?

For those who don’t know where that quote came from, It’s from the Japanese detective drama called Tokyo Dogs. Normally, I’m not one for detective dramas but this drama was a great one. Not only was it filled with an all star cast such as Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro, but it actually had a great story line. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it and want to see it, but let me just tell you that it involves Oguri Shun blasting his gun every chance he gets (even if he busts a cap in someone’s shoulders for something trivial).
What I also really liked about the drama was that while it was dramatic, there were many comedic scenes, like the one demonstrated in the quote, where Oguri Shun’s character (Sou) and Mizushima Hiro’s character (Marou) fight about random things ( like adult Disney world) while on the job and gun shots are flying in the air. Normally scenes like that would take away from the drama, but these scenes rather added to the overall feel of the drama, and I don’t think the drama would have flowed without them.

First time I heard of Tokyo DOGS, I was wondering “You mean the drama is about dogs?!”. I still don’t get what the dogs part mean. Did it mean police? No idea. But I watched it because there’s Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro. Of course. Two hot guys. >///<

I just want to say that this series ROCKS! I was soo happy to see Hiro and Shun in another drama.  definitely worth the watch! =D Shun is so cool as always! He's a awesome actor in he fits the role perfectly! =D even though he himself is different to his role! =D Hiro is gettin' better w/ his acting, he was pretty cute in sum scenes... the female lead is pretty good too. Overall definitely recommend it! =D

I just really like this scene… I forgot which episode it was, but it was when Yuki was kidnapped by that Kaizaki guy, and Sou and Maruo found them out and shot at them, and when they were hiding, most of the guys were running away and Maruo told Sou to chase them. But Sou hesitated because Kaizaki was dragging Yuki away on the other side. And then Yuki yelled out “Sou” (which was really sweet)… And Sou hesitated, and then ran off to chase the guys. Yuki saw that, and she kept staring at Sou’s back when he ran off. It was really impactful.

The ending was… a bit not conclusive. I love the part where Yuki finally ran and tried to hug Sou, and then Sou flipped her over. Hahaha! That was really unexpected! I liked it a lot. But the ending… so in the end, did he leave? They were chasing the thief, right? (and he shot in the airport… -_-) So did he leave in the end? Or he missed his flight and stayed in Japan? Haha.
Somehow, I hope there’s a SP. But sadly there isn’t. It kinda suits, doesn’t it? The feeling of the title. Tokyo DOGS SP. It fits. Hehe.