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»»» First day of school :)
Wednesday, November 7, 2012, 10:36 PM 0 comment/s

This is my 1st year college 2nd Sem study load . I've enrolled myself the day before the end of the enrollment. I'm with my boyfie that day . We enrolled together, so i'm not worried because i'm with him . Me and my boyfie have the same schedule (: I thought we will have the evening schedule because the morning and afternoon is fully loaded . Luckily ! we did it . Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - 1B . I'm grateful that we are only until 3:30 PM and not 9:00 PM ^^ Monday, Thursday, Saturday is a long day for me. We started our class this morning and the atmosphere is sooooo quite T.T unlike my section before. I miss BSIT - 1D T.T