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Friday, January 11, 2013, 6:17 PM 2 comment/s

Hello ! I'm back. Good thing my comment box is working now. Thanks to my tomodachi Fiffy, she fixed it for me so you can now rape my comment box kekeke. thank you so much dear for fixing it, you're so kind ^^ and she makes nice skins too, try checking her site and you will love all her skins for sure ^^. I want to thank stefa-chan too for my desktop wallpapers. Are you looking for desktop cute themes and wallpapers ? then go visit her blog, she knows how to customize your desktop ^^

And to my tomodachi Joelie who is having her birthday right now. I still want to wish her a happy happy birthday even though she won't be able to read this :D Hey dear sis thank you so much for being a good friend to me. Having you in my life is a blessing for me. We've been together since I started high school and now we're in college and you're still there for me through ups and downs ^^ Please don't change, stay kind, loving, God-fearing and stay JOELIE. 3J-GEXA loves you so much. Stay pretty, God Bless :">

Hey there otakus, there's a live action of Black Butler or known as Kuroshitsuji. I haven't watch the anime of this but I will watch the live action for sure.
Click for the image.

*According to Oricon News, a live action movie of Kuroshitsuji was announced to be premiered this year. Mizushima Hiro (official website) will play Sebastian. Anime director Sato Keiichi will co-direct the movie with Otani Kentaro (live action movie of "NANA"). The story is an original, which takes place 130 years after the episodes of the manga.

Next week will be or midterm exam. So after the exam I'll be watching the live action of Ouran High School ^^

A gift for my tomodachis' with ♥