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Thursday, May 23, 2013, 6:50 PM 1 comment/s

A girl wants to have a date that is memorable. Bring her to a romantic place wherein the two of you will talk in a good manner. Give her a flower, a bouquet of flowers or even a stalk of a rose. Hold her hand and guide her. Make sure that the place has a good ambiance. Once you arrive in the venue, try to ask her if she is happy. Try to give your best just to see her blush. Don’t stare at her as if you want to eat her, she will feel uncomfortable with it. Make a dance, a slow dance. Make an eye contact with her. Whisper to her the words you want to say. The words that you feel. Then tell her the three magic words, I love you.

Good Evening.  It's been a long long time since the last time I visited my blog. So sorry, laziness deactivated :D how are you gusie ? missed me ? imisshuuu too :)) I've been so busy spending my whole summer watching movies/anime and reading manga. Some of I've watched are High School of the Dead, Durara!, Angel Beats, Battle Royale, Alice In Wonderland, Kuhmar and Harold go to White Castle. And now I'm looking forward to watch Warm Bodies. Any one who has a copy of it ? gemme gemme. So if you noticed I've changed my skin. Thanks for puiling for this beautiful skin. I've also change my background music entitled Just Give Me A Reason by Jun Sisa. he is a Filipino and he do covers. If you want to hear more of his songs just go search him on youtube. I've been hooked up with this song recently. I like his voice. I haven't heard the original version of it and I have no intention to listen to it. The cover is enough for me :)

Happy 18th Birthday to my good looking childhood friend Ian Dale Paradiang Blanco. We've been together since kindergarten.  Our mother's are best friend. And just wanna share it to you guise that I am already in my 2nd Year College now. Hoohooo. My section is IT2A and of course me and my boyfriend are classmates together with our friends. Cheers ! ♥