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»»» The scars of yesterday will remain undone..
Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 9:02 PM 0 comment/s

I walk in an empty corner
Dreaming of you and me together
The face of a thousand angel
Lie beneath in your inner soul
How can I resist the temptation
When you are my addiction
Set my heart on fire
Embracing the raging flame.

Imagination kills reality
I stop to think quickly
The shadow of curiousity
Steal a chance for infinity

I said "you are indeed loved by many"
She said "yes i am,temporary"
Confused to think
I can't hold a drink
Watching her dancing
The world is revolving
Thinking how cruel the world is
For an angel created by masterpiece

As I hold her hand
She was stuck in wonderland
We move to a better place
Where I cannot recognize a face

The sky's sympathize
I cannot empathize
Tears rolling in this beautiful statue
While looking for my point of view

Bus stopped,rushly ran to nowhere
You disappear into thin air
Leaving a letter of forgiveness
I asked for a one final kiss

Years later,a news came
I tried to behave
Finding out you already left
Wishing to be deaf
As I knee down,shattered glass follow
Cursing six feet below

Now I survive in this world
Trying to live the best that I could
Thank you for leaving a mark
The scars of yesterday will remain undone

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